The February 17th SUN Card

The February 17th SUN Card

  "There's no reason for the establishment to fear me. But it has every right to fear the people collectively - I am one with the people." - Huey Newton


Larry the Cable Guy

February 17th  BIRTHDAYS: Marian Anderson, Jim Brown, Michael Jordan, Huey Newton, Hal Holbrook, Gene Pitney, Buddy Ryan, H.L.Hunt, Larry the Cable Guy, Red Barber, Margaret Truman, Paris Hilton



Values - Security – Dharma



 Money as Power

EIGHT of  Diamonds: The SUN Card;  As the sun card, the Eight of Diamonds has the opportunity to rise to great heights in this life. Regardless of whether they make the move for great fame, they are always respected and looked up to in their work. They love to "shine". These people are powerful and can be dominating. Their Eight power and position in the Crown Line gives them an independent and sometimes "pushy" nature. In any case, they know what everything is worth and can drive a hard bargain. They can achieve anything through hard work and the application of their inherent intuition.

EQ: "Emotional Intelligence"


When they learn to re-direct their power inward to themselves and stop trying to change the world, they can attain the lasting peace of inner power and self-mastery, the keywords of their Queen of Spades Karma Card. In love they tend towards fickleness. The Eight of Diamonds independent, changeable nature may resist marriage. They must learn to give others freedom of expression without trying to change them. They also need to learn to accept themselves as they are.


Karma: Material Control

Your Karma Cards are the: queen of spades Queen of Spades - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. seven of clubs Seven of Clubs - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.



 Gene Pitney

EIGHT  of Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 19 (Capricorn), February 17 (Aquarius-Pisces Cusp), March 15 (Pisces), April 13 (Aries), May 11 (Taurus), June 9 (Gemini,) July 7 (Cancer), August 5 (Leo), September 3 (Virgo,) October 1 (Libra);



"Jim" Brown

FAMOUS EIGHT  of Diamonds: "Jim" Brown is an American former professional football player and actor. He is best known for his exceptional and record-setting nine-year career as a fullback for the Cleveland Browns ... February 17, 1936 (age 79), St. Simons, GA. 


Dolly Parton

FAMOUS EIGHT  of Diamonds: Dolly Parton, Edgar Allan Poe, Paris Hilton, Denise Richards, Sly Stone, Al Green, Thomas Jefferson, Salvador Dali, Jim Brown, Martha Graham, Johnny Depp, Ringo Starr, John Huston, Charlie Sheen, Randy Quaid, Jimmy Carter, Christopher Hitchens, 



EIGHT  of Diamonds (Pentacles) in Tarot

eight of diamonds EIGHT of Diamonds: All 8's are power, but with the 8 of Diamonds, their need for power is in the material realm. The 8 of Diamonds people are very independent - at times domineering and exacting. Their sense of balance is naturally directed toward values and material assets, and they usually know when and what to buy, and what it is worth - exactly. Eight of Diamonds are the manifestation of the creative principal, the Sun. They have the ability to overcome all obstacles and conquer all enemies. As a rule, trust and confidence may be freely given them. They are wise guardians of the goods of the dead, and wise conservers of the interests of the living. They will serve honestly and faithfully, often at their own expense.


AQUARIUS-PISCES February 15 to 21






Experiential Learning Cycle


Open Loop Limbic System


  Self "Money as Power" 



                     Ego 'Mentally & Emotionally Restless                          


 "there can only be one player who stands alone at the top of the mountain as the very best player in the 95-year history of the NFL: Jim Brown."

 "As of April 2017, his current net worth is estimated at $1.31 billion by Forbes. Michael Jordan is the third-richest African-American as of 2017, behind Oprah and  Robert F. Smith."

"The revolution has always been in the hands of the young. The young always inherit the revolution.""Black Power is giving power to people who have not had power to determine their destiny.""My fear was not of death itself, but a death without meaning.""There's no reason for the establishment to fear me. But it has every right to fear the people collectively - I am one with the people." - Huey P. Newton

Huey Newton



EIGHT  of Diamonds (Pentacles) Connections


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