The February 11th AMBITION Card

The Jack of Clubs Club

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   "We awoke one morning in September, and the world lurched on its axis." Jeb Bush



Sarah Palin

February 11th  BIRTHDAYS: Thomas Alva Edison, Burt Reynolds, Lloyd Bentsen, King Farouk, Alex Jones, Sheryl Crow, Manuel Noriega, Sarah Palin, Jennifer Aniston, Tina Louise, Leslie Nielson, Eva Gabor, Jeb Bush, Judge Roy Moore




Wisdom - Labor - Acceptance


 The Need for Inspiration




 ACE  of Spades - The Card of AMBITION: The Ace of Spades is the ancient symbol of the secret mysteries, the most spiritual card in the deck, and yet, also the most material. The A person usually has a life-long conflict between their material, worldly urges and their deep, past-life spiritual heritage. Their displacement and Karma Card, the Seven of Hearts, suggests trials in the realm of relationships.



 Tina Louise

Their mission is to find the inner peace that comes through a life of service and dedication to higher principles. As their karma from previous births is discharged, they come to realize this and learn to follow the unwritten law of spiritual truth. In many ways they have put themselves upon the cross. Whenever they deviate from the law, or disregard their spiritual nature they seem to be unjustly punished.


EQ: "Emotional Intelligence"

Those Ace of Spades who are mostly material- minded seem to have one problem after another. However, whenever they do follow the law, they are protected, finding the inner peace they seek through awareness of their wealth of spirit.


KarmaEmotional Interference

Your Karma Cards are theImage result for seven of hearts meaning Seven of Hearts - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. two of clubs Two of Clubs - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.


King Farouk


ACE   of Spades BIRTHDAYS: January 13 Capricorn - February 11 Aquarius III - March 9 Pisces - April 7 Aries - May 5 Taurus - June 3 Gemini - July 1 Cancer


 Thomas Edison

FAMOUS ACE  of Spades: Orlando Bloom, Stephen Hendry, Jennifer Aniston, Burt Reynolds, Sheryl Crow, Emmanuel Lewis, Keely Smith, Bobby Fischer, Russell Crowe, Jackie Chan, Jeb Bush, Billie Holiday, Karl Marx, Tammy Wynette, Chris Brown, Anderson Cooper, Suzi Quatro, Thomas Edison, Rafael Nadal, Pamela Anderson, Carl Lewis, Sarah Palin, Princess Diana. 


ACE  of Spades (Swords) in Tarot

ace of spadesACE of Spades: "Embodied in this card, which traditionally has been identified as a symbol of death, is also the key to the mystery of life. Unfortunately, for the majority of those who are identified with this card, the mystical meaning of this symbol is lost. If you belong to this category, this card becomes a symbol of labor, and all too often you try to solve all your problems by the sweat of your brow or through questionable schemes. But, as you read these lines, realize that your card is also a symbol of spiritual wisdom, and as the life pattern portrayed in your card is not a particularly easy one, keep this in mind.



 Alex Jones


It may help you cope with and transcend the many challenges which appear to be part of your destiny. The temptation to indulge in bitter despair may be a real hazard. Remember, from the meta-physician's viewpoint, despair and inspiration are often considered to be a step apart. Discipline and vision are essential key words toward the overcoming of your problems. In the process, you may also become a source of inspiration to others." ~Arne Lein, What's Your Card?



AQUARIUS  Bert Reynolds



AQUARIUS (Air) January 21 and about February 20



 Open Loop Limbic System


Sheryl Crow

Experiential Learning Cycle


Eva Gabor



  Self 'The Need for Inspiration'



     Ego 'Spiritual Awareness'


Sara Palin



ACE  of Spades (Swords) Connections


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