January FOURTH (10s) the Day of the FORMULATORS:

The Jack of Clubs Club

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Those born on January 4 have a natural talent for solving all sorts of problems. Most often this gift is of a technical nature. Those born on this day specialize in examining the situation and summing up what is wrong with it in a terse, concise style. By being able to formulate what others find it difficult to conceptualize they put themselves in great demand.

Strengths: Conceptual, Structured, Pragmatic

Weaknesses: Dogmatic, Closed, Intolerant

ADVICE: Not everything in life can be designated or formulated. Respect others, even if they are on the wrong track. Be open to new ways of doing things. Improve your own methods, and don't be afraid to improvise when necessary. In a word - loosen up.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Sir Isaac Newton, Jacob Grimm (Grimm's Fairy Tales), Louis Braille, Jean Dixon (psychic), Jane Wyman, Floyd Patterson, Don Shula; The Secret Language of Birthdays  Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: The world of the unknown must always be respected.


Spades - Wisdom - Labor - Acceptance

Ten of Spades Meaning: Glorification of Labor

Karma for the 10 of Spades - Awareness 
TEN  of Spades -The WORK SUCCESS Card: The TEN of Spades person can be very materialistic and workaholic types. When they are, their home life always suffers, and they suffer with it. Home and family are very important to them as well. What their main focus in life is depends upon the individual, but many of them will have a conflict between these two basic desires. The women especially, have trouble keeping a satisfying family life while pursuing a career at the same time. There are many spiritual influences present in their life path that can make these people the masters of their destiny and lead them to great heights in helping others. However, there is a pull toward material accomplishment that can blind them to their possibilities and limit their growth potential. As Spades, they have the opportunity to transcend the material through spiritual awareness.
Your karma cards are the four of hearts FOUR of Hearts and the queen of heartsQUEEN of Hearts.

TEN  of Spades BIRTHDAYS: January 4 (Capricorn), February 2 (Aquarius);


FAMOUS TEN  of Spades: J. Edgar Hoover, Isaac Newton, Ayn Rand, Jacob GrimmJames Joyce, Shakira, Farrah Fawcett, Louis Braille, Christie Brinkley:  Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards website, www.7thunders.com.

ten of spades TEN of Spades: For these people, home and business are closely associated - and one may seriously interfere with the other. Often times the Ten of Spades is found conducting business at home, hampered by constant interruptions and lack of application! The position of the 10 of Spades is a combination of good mind and good judgment and these qualities may be especially operative in the realm of finance. During their early adulthood, there can be emotional disturbances in the home caused by financial limitations. They expect to work and don't want to be dependent on anyone, but uncertainty about what sort of work will bring them the speediest returns, often lands them in jobs that are beneath their capabilities. The Ten of Spades can appear aloof or secretive, but they are actually very sensitive people with quick, ever-changing http://www.metasymbology.com/

CAPRICORN II The Week of DETERMINATION January 3-9: Those born in the Week of Determination often have the drive and ambition necessary to reach the top of their profession. Whether or not they succeed, no one can fault them for not trying. Capricorn II's are strivers, like the mountain goat who seeks the highest crags. Once embarked on a course of action, they are extremely difficult to dissuade from their plans. No matter how great or modest their gifts, Capricorn II's make the most of their abilities and stretch their talents to the outer edge of the envelope. Capricorn II's are usually pictured as hard-headed, down-to-earth thinkers, but those born in the Week of Determination are often interested in the theoretical, even metaphysical, religious or spiritual subjects and practices. More are their ideas in these areas at all conservative; they may in fact be rather radical. No idea is too strange or far out for Capricorn I's to at least consider and they have the undeniable tendency to let their minds range over the broadest questions of cosmology and human existence. This philosophical bent, however, is usually based on fact and observation, for Capricorn II's have little time for idle or ill-founded speculation.



Advice: Recognize your limitations - they do exist. Allow yourself to give in occasionally, even to fail and acknowledge it. Showing your more vulnerable side should not be threatening. Try to keep your ideals grounded and be sure your "reality" is not in fact an illusion.

CAPRICORN II NOTABLES: Elvis Presley, Richard Nixon, Mel  Gibson, Dabney Coleman, Alvin Ailey, Isaac Newton, Louis Braille, Steven Hawking, Diane Keaton, Dyan Cannon, Chuck Noll, Victoria Principal, George Reeves, Raisa Gorbachev, Maury Powvitch, Earl Scruggs, Michael Schumacher, Don Shula, Ray Milland;   Source: The Secret Language of Relationships, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

January 4th  is a perfect '10' Bull, with a gigantic karmic Heart "Family Love" and  "Mother Love," driven by their Ego"millionaire's" card. Isaac Newton and Louis Braille like all 's exercised their problem-solving genius through feeling in their decision-making process. Learning behaviorists state that both 'thinking'  and 'feeling'  are valid methods for reaching a decision in problem resolution. J. Edgar Hoover overextended his stay in office b/c of his single-minded classification of who were the bad guys, up-to and including JFK. Isaac Newton, bet-the-farm, on the South Sea Company whose most significant trade was slaves, and according to his niece, he lost around £20,000. This forced him to live the rest of his life sinecure positions.
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