Geena Davis

January 21st  BIRTHDAYS: Jack Nicklaus, Placido Domingo, Geena Davis (THELMA & LOUISE), Ethan Allen (Revolutionary soldier), Stonewall Jackson, Eric HolderJeff Koons, John Charles Fremont (Oregon trail, California senator), Christian Dior, Kim Dotcom, Wolfman Jack, Paul Allen, Hakeem Olaijuwan, Benny Hill, Telly Savalis; 


   Values - Security – Dharma


 Completion of Obligations

SIX  of Diamonds - FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Personality: The number six implies responsibility and karma. The suit of Diamonds relates to finances. (6d) people are keenly aware of financial debts and their repayment. This peculiar trait often manifests as a sort of paranoia about having outstanding debts. For example, a (6d) might pay their phone and utility bill ahead of time, just so they won't have to think about what they might owe in the future.


Kim Dotcom

Relationships: Underneath the tough exterior of the  lies a person who is having a difficult time meeting their needs for affection. There are often deep fears of abandonment that underlie much of what they do in their personal relationships. Until those fears are dealt with directly, they can have a hard time understanding the repeated failures that make up their love life. There is protection in work and action.



Jack Nicklaus

On a deeper level, the SIX  of Diamonds is here to settle karmic debts from past lives. Finances can go from one extreme to the other in this process. If they accept what they inwardly know, they will always be happy whatever the circumstances in their life. If they have discovered their special mission in life, they will not worry about how much money they have. These people make great teachers. They are givers and can be entrusted with great responsibility. What they have to give is a clear knowledge of values and discrimination.


 KarmaTrue Worth

Your Karma Cards are thenine of clubs Nine of Clubs - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. three of spades Three of Spades - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.



 Eric Holder

SIX  of Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 21 (Cancer-Aquarius Cusp), February 19 (Aquarius-Pisces), March 17 (Pisces), April 15 (Aries), May 13 (Taurus), June 11 (Gemini), July 9 (Cancer), August 7 (Leo), September 5 (Virgo), October 3 (Libra), November 1 (Scorpio);



Benny Hill

FAMOUS SIX  of Diamonds: Alfred Hawthorne Hill, known by his stage name Benny Hill, was an English comedian and actor, best remembered for his long-running internationally popular television program The Benny Hill Show. January 21, 1924, Southampton, UK.  



Kurt Russell

FAMOUS SIX  of Diamonds: Baby Spice, Geena Davis, Seal, Marquex Hemingway, Jeff Daniels, Kurt Russell, Rudolf Nureyev, Leonardo da Vinci, Stevie Wonder, Shia LaBeouf, Benny Hill, Jacques Cousteau, Courtney Love, O.J. Simpson, Charlize Theron, David Duchovny, Rose McGowan, Jesse James, Jeff Koons, Ashlee Simpson:  


SIX  of Diamonds (Pentacles) in Tarot

SIX  of Diamonds symbolizes the need for understanding VALUE. A very successful and satisfactory life can be built for the Six of Diamonds when money is not made the sole objective. The acquisition of knowledge is not easy for the Six of Diamonds; there are obstacles and frustrations for them. There may be difficulty in acquiring an education in early life -- or there may be unwillingness to bother with it on their own part.


Placido Domingo

Money, however, is vital to the people born under this card. Often times they want to begin earning it even before they know where, or how! The women of this Card should strive not to depend on their personalities for success, and the men not seek a wealthy marriage to promote their own objectives. For both men and woman Six of Diamonds, finances tend to go to extremes and remain in one state for a long time -- either way up, or way down.


CAPRICORN-AQUARIUS  January 17 to 23


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Experiential Learning Cycle


Ethan Allen


Open Loop Limbic System


John Charles Fremont



Self "Financial Responsibility"



  Ego (Capricorn) "Search for Love



          Ego (Aquarius) "Desire for Love & Money" 



The January 21 SIX  of Diamonds "Financial Responsibility" is one heck of a complicated personality. It is much like simultaneous dueling contests, 1) their Right-Brained, 'Who They Are' versus their Left-Brained 'Who they Were.' 2) On the CAPRICORN-AQUARIUS CUSP makes for dueling Egos, the ACE  of Hearts "the Desire for Love" versus the ACE  of Diamonds "the Desire for Love & Money." 3) The -karma NINE  of Clubs "Giver of Knowledge" gives them the hidden talent of competency along with a Di Niro, DiCaprio, Al Pacino, Dinah Shore, Mariah Carey, sense of 'sexiness.'



 Wolfman Jack

4) If that's not enough their second hidden talent, the +karma THREE  of Spades "the Artist" keeps them eternally in doubt on what course to take. 5) Then, to top it all off their SIX  of Diamonds "Financial Responsibility" Self, Soul, Birth card ensures that they never go a day without feeling guilty about something - usually concerning their finances and/or love relationships. Now what famous personality exemplifies the January 21 SIX  of Diamonds? Hands down it has to be Jeff Koons. 


Jeff Koons


SIX of Diamonds (Pentacles) Connections


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