January 3rd  BIRTHDAYS: J.R.R. Tolkien, Cicero, Jack Levine (American Social Realist painter), John Russel, Michael Schumacher, Ngo Dinh DiemGreta Thunberg, Bobby Hull, Eli Manning, Ray Milland, Chen Pei Pei, Zasu Pitts, Brad Parscale, Victor Borge, Dabney Coleman, Mel Gibson, Victoria PrincipalMary Jane O'Meara Sanders;




 Wisdom - Labor – Acceptance  


A Neophyte in Wisdom


 Mary Jane O'Meara Sanders

JACK  of Spades: The SPIRITUAL INITIATE or the THIEF Card: Through an excess of mental power and creativity, the Jack of Spades can either become a visionary or a thief. This card also represents the spiritual initiate. Among these people we find those who have either or both qualities present. There is no doubt about their creative power and their ability to do anything with their minds.


 Ngo Dinh Diem


The question is whether or not they direct this energy with wisdom and patience or whether they are lured by the "easy wins" they can extract out of many situations and move towards the low side of their card.



 Chen Pei Pei

They sit in a powerful place and this power can either take them to the highest or tempt them to the lowest. These people always do well with the public and can become successful artists or actors. 


 Zasu Pitts

They often inherit money even though they can make enough on their own. They are usually ambitious and it is their basic value system, usually a result of their childhood, that is most responsible for their direction and success.


Mel Gibson



KarmaRight Choice of Objectives

Your Karma Cards are the: seven of clubsSEVEN of Clubs - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. ten of clubsTEN of Clubs - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.


Eli Manning


JACK  of Spades BIRTHDAYS: January 3 (Capricorn), February 1 (Aquarius);




FAMOUS JACK  of Spades: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien CBE FRSL was an English writer, poet, philologist, and university professor who is best known as the author of the classic high-fantasy works The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. January 3, 1892, Bloemfontein, South Africa. 



Victoria Principal

FAMOUS JACK  of Spades: Mel Gibson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Marion Davies, Victoria Principal, Lisa Marie Presley, Boris Yeltsin, Clark Gable.


JACK  of Spades (Swords) in Tarot

jack of spadesThe positive Jack of Spades have equipped themselves with education and training. They work for their art or their job, not just the pay check, and know they are giving their best to the task at hand. The negatives among these people destroy the inherent protection that surrounds them through secrecy, irresponsibility and cunning. Indeed - the Jack of Spades is sometimes known as the con man of the deck.



 Ray Milland

Should this be the unfortunate turn of the Card, Jacks of Spades are subject to scandal, disgrace, misinterpretation of their motives, and disappointment in their friends. All Jack of Spades must strive to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities provided by the sequence of their cards. Theirs is one of the most fortunate of all, and like all Jacks, they are charismatic and talented.


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CAPRICORN December 22nd to January 20th


CAPRICORN  Dabney Coleman 



John Russel


Open Loop Limbic System



  Self "Neophyte in Wisdom"


   Ego "Material Control"


Brad Parscale

 JACK  of Spades (Swords) Connections


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