The May 24th MENTAL POWER Card

The Jack of Clubs Club

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  "She was the best thing that ever happened to me…” - Elvis on Priscilla


Bob Dylan

May 24th  BIRTHDAYS: Queen Victoria, Bob Dylan, George Washington Carver, Jan Christian Smuts ( South African prime minister), Patti LaBelle (singer), Samuel I. Newhouse (publisher), Elsa Maxwell, Coleman Young, Emanuel Leutze, Priscilla Presley, Gary Burghoff (M*A*S*H 'Radar'), Paul Joseph Watson


 Mind - Communication – Intelligence

 Power of the Mind


EIGHT  of Clubs: The Card of MENTAL POWER: The Eight of Clubs is one of the three, "fixed" cards. With their strong mental power, they are not easily swayed by others' views and opinions. Many successful attorneys, chemical engineers and rocket scientists are Eight of Clubs; however, their power can be applied to any of the mental fields with great success. Their life path is one of the most successful in the deck. They can have almost anything they set their mind to achieving and most attain wealth and prominence but they must make sure their life is kept in balance as mental peace is essential.


EQ: "Emotional Intelligence"


They have much psychic power and can be great healers. All their gifts can be applied to attain great success and they only need to become aware of their true goals to have a life of success and accomplishment. However, being so fixed has its own drawbacks, mainly that it is difficult for them to deal with changes. Working with a Jack of Hearts or King of Spades will bring far reaching success. For best results, they should let their work come before their personal lives and keep them separate.



Karma: Fear of Domination

Your Karma Cards are the:  JACK of Heartsking of spades KING of Spades - These two cards are your main Karma Cards. You have the strongest connections with them.


 Emanuel Leutze

EIGHT  of Clubs BIRTHDAYS: March 28 (Aries) April 26 (Taurus) May 24 (Gemini) June 22 (Gemini or Cancer) July 20 (Cancer) August 18 (Leo) September 16 (Virgo) October 14 (Libra) November 12 (Scorpio) December 10 (Sagittarius);


Gary Burghoff

FAMOUS EIGHT  of Clubs: Vince Vaughen, Jet Li, Elizabeth Warren, Gary Burghoff (M*A*S*H 'Radar'), Carol Burnett, Priscilla Presley, Bob Dylan, Tommy Chong, Cyndi Lauper, Meryl Streep, Lindsay Wagner, Ed Bradley, Billy Wilder, John Dillinger, Natalie Wood, Gisele Bundchen, Patrick Swayze, Roman Polanski, Nick Jonas, David Copperfield, Usher, Roger Moore, Neil Young, Ryan Gosling, Susan Dey, Emily Dickinson;



EIGHT  of Clubs (Wands) in Tarot

eight of clubs EIGHT of Clubs: When the 8 of Clubs are able to clarify their objectives, they always go straight towards them and attain them. It's getting to that point of clarity, which can be a problem. Through the "power of knowledge" - the natural heritage of the 8 of Clubs - they can overcome all obstacles and attain any desire. In many ways, Eight of Clubs people are like cats that always land on their feet. Protection surrounds them in all departments of life and yet it is this very blessing that is also their biggest bugaboo. Eight of Clubs must strive for mental balance and compassion. They have very strong emotions and fixed ideas that can become overpowering. Especially when they try to dominate the lives of those they love.


Gemini May 21 and June 21


Gemini  Queen Victoria



Open Loop Limbic System

Experiential Learning Cycle



 Self "Power of the Mind"



     Ego "Completion of Obligations"


"Appreciative Inquiry" 


George Washington Carver



 EIGHT  of Clubs (Wands) Connections


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