November TWENTY-THIRD (10h) the Day of IRREVERENCE:

The Jack of Clubs Club

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  "There is nothing left to do but get drunk." Franklin Pierce

Those born on November 23 are quick to show their displeasure with all overt forms of authority and repression. They are not ones to believe in something simply because they are supposed to. This is not to say that they are incapable of faith or adherence, but for them it must be justified and proven in worth. If they lack respect for rules thrust on them, they may react either with silence, a few choice words or a physical gesture that makes perfectly clear how they feel. Rarely if ever do they back down from a confrontation, and actually one of their biggest problems is their tendency to provoke arguments and fights. Those born on this day display a combative nature when they are around people whom they find difficult to suffer, so unless they are in the company of those they like, love or at least respect it is often best they remain alone.
STRENGTHS: Individualistic, Free-Spirited, Humorous
WEAKNESSES: Combative, Isolated, Impulsive

ADVICEGet a handle on your reactions. Don't let others push your buttons. Develop objectivity - stand back and observe yourself. Never stop growing, from the cradle to the grave.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Harpo Marx, Billy the Kid, Boris Karloff, Franklin Pierce, Sai Baba, Charles Berlitz, Robin Roberts, Alexander Rodschenko (Russian painter), Napoleon Duarte (El Salvador president); Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: Irreverence should not take itself too seriously.

Hearts  - Emotions - Relationships - Love

10 of Hearts - Love of Self; "Success in Love" 

Karma for the 10 of Hearts ~ Self–Insistence
TEN  of Hearts: The SOCIAL SUCCESS Card:   Like the Ace of Hearts, these people have much ambition in their life and could stray off the path of truth as a result. However, they have already experienced the truth and have the knowing that is their birthright to guide them at each step on the way. They are creative and usually artistic. They are leaders, not followers. They love children and groups of people that they may  regard as their children. They are innovators and can make a great contribution in their chosen field as long as they exercise clarity in their judgment. Their motives can either be humanitarian or selfish, and this usually has a lot to do with their ultimate destination. They are independent and often impulsive but this is usually kept in balance by their wisdom. They can make a unique mark on the world through the application of their inherent gifts. They are usually gentle and wise people - at least the wisdom is there. Their wisdom is their protector and guiding light.
Your Karma Cards are the: jack of clubs Jack of Clubs - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. five of spades Five of Spades - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way. 
TEN  of Hearts BIRTHDAYS: July 31 (Leo), August 29 (Virgo), September 27 (Libra), October 25 (Scorpio), November 23 (Sagittarius), December 21 (Sagittarius/Capricorn);

FAMOUS TEN  of Hearts: Joanne "Jo" Rowlingpen names J. K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith, is a British novelist best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series. July 31, 1965 (age 49), Yate, UK.

FAMOUS TEN  of Hearts: J.K. Rowling, Dean Cain, Wesley Snipes, Boris Karloff, Ted Cassidy, Milton Friedman, Geraldine Chaplin, Michael Jackson, John McCain, Ingrid Bergman, Avril Lavigne, Gwyneth Paltrow, Minnie Pearl, Pablo Picasso, Miley Cyrus, Harpo Marx, Keifer Sutherland, Samuel L. Jackson, Jane Fonda; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards

ten of heartsTEN of Hearts: Identified as "success in love", the people with this top Heart Card are at their best in large social organizations, on the stage and in politics. They have a strong emotional nature; sometimes overwhelmed in personal or intimate relationships. Ten of Hearts need to guard against isolating themselves from the people contact so very important to them. If a person with this card uses their charismatic charms for the sole purpose of material gains, then personal love is lost in the conflict. The result is a barrier of coldness and a lonely life. All 10 of Hearts emanate and respond to love and kindness but can detach themselves and appear apathetic when love is lost. As they tend to safe-box their strong feelings, Ten of Hearts people often miss out on the passion of being "in love". On the other hand, they also spare themselves the heartaches that sometimes follow.

SCORPIO-SAGITTARIUS CUSP - The Cusp of REVOLUTION November 19 - 24: Not all revolutionaries are wide-eyed, bomb-throwing idealists; within the souls of many fighters for human rights lurk secret autocrats, who, once in power, may themselves be toppled by a further revolution. The revolt that engages those born on the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp is often the fight against sloppiness, bad taste, ineffectualness, stupidity and old-fashioned, outworn attitudes. They are capable of exploding old myths, true, but they are equally capable of reviving and preserving myths that they view to be useful. Thus those born on this cusp can also be secret traditionalists at heart.


ADVICE: Follow your vision of life but don't lose touch with where others are. Keep your intentions honest and your motives pure.Develop the objectivity to stand back and observe yourself living. Try to be forgiving and less possessive.

SCORPIO-SAGITTARIUS CUSP NOTABLE: William Henry Pratt, better known by his stage name Boris Karloff, was an English actor. Karloff is widely known for his roles in horror films and especially for his portrayal of Frankenstein's monster ...  November 23, 1887, Honor Oak, UK. 


SCORPIO-SAGITTARIUS CUSP NOTABLES: Ted Turner, Jodie Foster, Boris Becker, Charles DeGaulle, Robert Kennedy, Voltaire, Goldie Hawn, Bilie Jean King, Toulouse-Lautrec,  J. K. Rowling,  Harpo Marx, Boris Karloff, Billy The Kid. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships, Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

Astro-Psychometric Quadrants

July 31  (Leo),  August 29  (Virgo),  September 27  (Libra),  October 25  &  (Scorpio),  November 23  (Sagittarius), and  December 21  (Sagittarius) or  Capricorn)




        Self                                                           Ego


November TWENTY-THIRD the Day of IRREVERENCE: comes by their Irreverence by being born on the SCORPIO-SAGITTARIUS CUSP - The Cusp of REVOLUTION November 19 - 24. November 23 chose the ACE  of Diamonds "The Desire for Love and Money" as their Ego, their Who They Think They Are persona pusher. Because they have a card in all four quadrants, they don't have a weak spot and can do and say pretty much as they please. In other words they have nothing to Fear other than the Karma for the 10  of Hearts ~ Self–Insistence.

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