November FOURTEENTH (6c) the Day of the INVESTIGATOR:

The Jack of Clubs Club

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  "Today we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between communistic atheism and Christianity."  - Joseph McCarthy

Those born on November 14 manifest an urge to explore their environment down to the last detail. Though they are intensely curious about their surroundings in general they are highly selective in their interests and have a well-defined point of view. Their ideas of social responsibility, whether conservative or liberal, are usually perfectly clear to themselves and to others and moral in nature.

Strengths: Involved, Thorough, Observant

Weaknesses: Controlled, Overly Critical, Meddling

Advice: Keep your moral and judgmental tendencies under control. Learn to leave others in peace and respect their values. Everything is not available for your scrutiny, so observe privacy.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Nehru, Claude Monet, Joseph McCarthy, Boutrous Boutros-Ghali, Prince Charles, Aaron Copeland, Billy the Kid, Condoleezza Rice, Jawaharlal Nehru, Leopold Mozart, King Hussein of Jordan, Barbara Hutton (heiress, seven marriages). Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: See first what is directly before you. 

Clubs - Mind - Communication – Intelligence

6 of Clubs - The Messenger

Karma for 6 of Clubs - Cultivation of Intuition

SIX  of Clubs: The Card of HIGHER PURPOSE: This card is also known as the psychic card and it is surprising to see how few of the people of these birth dates are aware of their gift. The Six of Clubs means responsibility to truth. These people must learn to find a system of truth that they can believe in and live their life by. Once attained, there is no limit to how much good these people can do in the world. Those who have not yet found  their path can be the biggest worriers and procrastinators of all the cards in the deck. They have a responsibility to maintain inner balance and peaceful communications with those in their lives. They often attain financial affluence and have inherent protection over their lives. Love is important to them. The women make good wives and mothers while the men are often dominated by a woman. Once they tap into their hidden reserves and their natural intuition is recognized, they find their lives guided and protected from the highest sources possible.

Your Karma Cards are the:  Eight of Spades - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. two of diamonds Two of Diamonds - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

SIX  of Clubs BIRTHDAYS: March 30 (Aries), April 28 (Taurus), May 26 (Gemini), June 24 (Cancer), July 22 (Cancer), August 20 (Leo), September 18 (Virgo), October 16 (Libra), November 14 (Scorpio III), December 12 (Sagittarius);


FAMOUS SIX  of Clubs: Celine Dion, Vincent Van Gogh, Jessica Alba, Condoleezza Rice, Henry Ward Beecher, Jay Leno, Saddam Hussein, Harper Lee, John Wayne, Jack Dempsey, William Dafoe, Robert Plant, Lance Armstrong, John Mayer, Noah Webster, Travis Barker, Prince Charles, Frank Sinatra, Edward Munch; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards 

six of clubs SIX of Clubs: This is the "Messenger's Card". However, there are many 6 of Clubs who are unwilling to take the time or trouble to develop their greatest gift - the gift of intuition. All Six of Clubs feel an obligation toward duty and they take their responsibilities seriously. Trouble is, the 6 of Clubs also symbolize inertia and easy-going lethargy. Hence many people born with Six of Clubs karma find it difficult to gain enough momentum to get up to speed and fulfill their lofty dreams. On the plus side, when a Six of Clubs does manage to overcome this karma, they have the unique ability to stay with a project, circumstance, or relationship until all obstacles are overcome. Peace of mind is very important to all 6 of Clubs people, and they will make many sacrifices to attain that peace. All 6's are worriers and the 6 of Clubs is no exception. They worry about doing less than is expected of them; they worry about not being able to fully commercialize their talents - and most of all, they worry about the happiness and progress of their loved ones. Their intuitive faculties are truly second to none if only they learn to live by their intuitive gifts!

SCORPIO III (Water) - The Week of CHARM November 12-18: Realists first and foremost, Scorpio III's rarely over-reach themselves. Because they have a realistic view not only of their own capabilities but of others' as well, their judgment is generally trustworthy and their assessments keen. Those born in this week do well in administrative positions or as leaders of a social group or working team, roles in which their evaluative, organizational and practical abilities can come to the fore.



ADVICE: Keep a critical eye on yourself. Respond to the highest challenges and occasionally take meaningful risks. Be mindful of what is important in life, of what endures and has lasting value. Always aim high, and don't be afraid of failure.

SCORPIO III NOTABLES: Prince Charles, Jawaharlal Nehru, Grace Kelly, Whoopi Goldberg, Claude Monet, Nehru, Sun Yat-Sen, Rodin, Robert Louis Stevenson, Demi Moore, Charles Manson,Georgia O'Keeffe, Danny De Vito, Veronica Lake, Alan Shepard, Erwin Rommel, Joseph MCarthy, Linda Evans, Aaron Copland. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

Astro-Psychometric Quadrants

March 30  (Aries I),   April 28  (Taurus I),   May 26  (Gemini I),   June 24  (Gemini-Cancer Cusp),   July 22  (Cancer-Leo Cusp),   August 20  (Leo-Virgo Cusp),   September 18  (Virgo III),   October 16  (Libra III),   November 14   (Scorpio III),   December 12  (Sagittarius III)


       Self                                              Ego 1                                           Ego 2


November FOURTEENTH the Day of the INVESTIGATOR: is arguably the mental giant of 'Ace Pet Detectives' with an Ego 1, TEN  of Clubs "The Teacher" and Ego 2, the QUEEN  of Clubs "The Mother of Intuition," uncovering every shred of documentary evidence to support their Self's, SIX  of Clubs "Mission."  Karma for every 6  of Clubs Cultivation of Intuition, which requires the Ego to meditate, contemplate and reflect on the message, that only the Self, Soul, Who They Truly Are knows.

Prince Charles, the Investigator, found a dislike of modern day British architecture.

"You have to give this much to the Luftwaffe: when it knocked down our buildings it did not replace them with anything more offensive than rubble. We did that." - Prince Charles 

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