The Jack of Clubs Club

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  "I think all the courage that I may lack personally I have as an actor." - George C. Scott

Those people born on October 18 are often destined to play important, active roles in life's great drama. Not only cut out to be players, however, they may also function as powerful directors of what goes on around them, be it the concerns of their family, business or social circle. October 18 people are not shy about pushing their way to the top, but though their desire to be king or queen of the hill is great, they can keep a low profile if necessary.

ADVICE: Learn to say no, not only to others but also to yourself. Producing is only one aspect of life. Let yourself be pampered occasionally and give yourself the benefit of the doubt when you can.



BORN ON THIS DAY: Martina Navratilova, Chuck Berry, Pierre Trudeau, George C. Scott, Winton Marsalis, Frederick III, Canaletto, Bristol Palin, Pope Pius II, Jesse Helms, Lindsey Vonn, Melini Mercouri; Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

MEDITATION: At any moment you may be asked for what you least expect. 

Clubs - Mind - Communication – Intelligence

4 of Clubs - Concentrated Mental Work

Karma for the 4 of Clubs – Diffusion
FOUR  of Clubs: The Card of MENTAL SATISFACTION: Though this is a card of stability, their Five of Clubs Karma Card also indicates a hidden restlessness that can manifest in several ways. These people are progressive and can utilize this to create new ideas in their chosen line of work, rather than let the restlessness keep them from achieving any success. These people know what they know and are not likely to change their minds on your behalf unless they see the value of change for themselves. "Stubborn" may describe it better in many cases. They are fond of argument, since they usually win, and usually do well in legal matters. They have a good constitution and are not afraid of hard work. This is a successful card. They are good at sales work and enjoy talking about what they believe in. They are popular and do well in groups. As long as they don't let their love of debate get out of hand, they will keep a fine reputation in their work. They also want a successful love life and this is their major life challenge.
Your Karma Cards are the: five of clubs FIVE of Clubs - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. six of hearts SIX of Hearts - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.

FOUR  of Clubs BIRTHDAYS: April 30 (Taurus), May 28 (Gemini), June 26 (Cancer), July 24 (Leo), August 22 (Leo-Virgo), September 20 (Virgo), October 18 (Libra II), November 16 (Scorpio), December 14 (Sagittarius);

FAMOUS FOUR  of Clubs: Kirsten Dunst, Michael Waltrip, Bristol Palin, Alexandre Dumas (Three Musketeers), Ian Fleming, Rudolph Giuliani, Pearl S. Buck, Greg LeMond, Jennifer Lopez, Amelia Earhart, Ray Bradbury, Dorothy Parker, Willie Nelson, Stephen Harper, Simon Bolivar; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards www.7thunders.com 

four of clubs Known as "the debaters” card, Four of Clubs people have intense, ever-active minds. Mind you, a good education is key for those born under this card. Otherwise, they run the risk of "talking much, but saying little”! Four of Clubs have an issue with fear when it comes to money, and they are known to drive a hard bargain. Work is healing for them, especially when it involves large, male dominated organizations, and their health is never much of a problem. The 4 of Clubs likes to look good. They have unique and unusual emotional interests, often attracting dubious or manipulative people into their lives. Emotionally they are quite insensitive. However, they have a natural ease about them when involved with large groups of people, and they make for great travelling companions! http://www.metasymbology.com/


LIBRA III - The Week of THEATER October 11-18: If "all the world's a stage," as Shakespeare wrote, then Libra III's are some of the finest players upon it. Acting out the drama of their own lives in everyday affairs is a specialty of those born in this week. Libra III's know the value of image in their professional lives and spend a lot of time working on how they present themselves to the world. Their detachment, even coolness, may sometimes irritate or infuriate those around them, but it is misleading; if they seem to lack affect, this is usually a result of a studied and rigorous training they put themselves through. Libra III's are actually very emotional people.



Advice: Beware of making promises you can't keep. Consider carefully the possible repercussions of your actions. Sometimes it is necessary to play at a part but don't kid yourself in the process. Be more considerate of the feelings of others; devote sufficient time and patience to emotional matters.

LIBRA III NOTABLES: Luciano Pavarotti, Eugene  O'Neill, Margaret Thatcher,   Eleanor Roosevelt, Oscar Wilde, Martins Navratilova, Pierre Trudeau, Chuck Berry, Lenny Bruce, Lee Harvey Oswald. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

Astro-Psychometric Quadrants

April 30  (Taurus I),   May 28  (Gemini I),   June 26  (Cancer I),   July 24  (Cancer-Leo Cusp),   August 22  or (Leo-Virgo Cusp),   September 20  (Virgo-Libra Cusp),   October 18  (Libra III),   November 16   (Scorpio III),   December 14  (Sagittarius)


       Self                                                                             Ego


October EIGHTEENTH the Day of PERSONAL LEADERSHIP: is captured by George C. Scott's quote, "I think all the courage that I may lack personally I have as an actor." The Ego, for the October 18 person, the JACK  of Spades "The Actor Card," bucks-up the reserved, stable and content Self, the FOUR  of Clubs "Satisfaction in Knowledge." Arguably the Jack  of Spades, is the third most powerful card in the deck after the King "The Master" and Queen "Self-Mastery". The Jack female can move up to the Queen and the male to King, if they choose to accept the responsibility, the position demands. Here the Jack of Spades, is the Ego card, the Who They Think They Are life coach for the 4 of Clubs personality.

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