The Jack of Clubs Club

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  “That was the end of my dance. A whole lifetime was over.” -  Y. A. Tittle

Those born on October 24 have two major themes in their lives: that of dramatic revelations and discoveries, on the one hand, and painstaking attention to detail on the other. As they are hardly cold, analytical types, those born on this day generally feel the need to reveal themselves and their discoveries to the world, often in an exciting, even flamboyant manner. Yet most are not exhibitionists by any means, rather craftspeople and professionals who take their work very seriously, particularly from a technical point of view. The influence they work on those who watch or listen to them is calculated to impact as they wish. Not the least of their talents is a personal magnetism which aids in getting people interested in them and what they do.
STRENGTHS: Magnetic, Perfectionist, Dramatic

WEAKNESSES: Jealous, Claiming, Over-stressed

ADVICE: Learn to leave things alone sometimes. You don't have to understand everything or worse yet attempt to control it all. Jealousy is not easily curtailed if it becomes a way of life. Sometimes you decrease your power by revealing everything you do.

BORN ON THIS DAYKevin Kline, Moss Hart, Y. A. Tittle, Juan Marichal, Wayne Rooney, Rafael Trujillo, The Big Bopper;  Source: The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.
MEDITATION: Life itself may be only a series of illusions - why not pick those which brings us the most enjoyment?

Hearts - Emotions - Relationships - Love

Jack of Hearts - Examples in Love 

Karma - Impersonality of Self 
JACK  of Hearts: The Card of SACRIFICE through LOVE: As one of the three fixed cards, the Jack of Hearts feels strongly about their version of love. They are surrounded by the Christ spirit of sacrifice through love. Even though they are a Jack, which are sometimes immature and crafty, they are influenced by the wisdom of the Christ spirit, which gives them higher guidance and higher motives in general. They  must watch, however, that their martyrdom does not get out of hand. They can also become escapists and misguided, but this is the exception. Love is their power and birthright. They have come to love others and to show them the way by their example. They often make sacrifices in their life and their personal fulfillment may be given up for some higher cause or philosophy. As born leaders, they must be successful in their own profession. They all carry the spirit of higher love within them and all people they associate with are in some way uplifted by their presence. They find their greatest fulfillment on a spiritual path.
Your Karma Cards are the: king of spadesKing of Spades and eight of clubsEight of Clubs - These two are your strongest karmic 'buddies'. When you meet one of these, there is a powerful energy between you. Ace of Clubs, Two of Hearts, Nine of Hearts, Seven of Diamonds - You also share karmic bonds with these cards, but not as strong as the first two. You will often find people of these cards in your life.

JACK  of Hearts BIRTHDAYS: July 30 (Leo), August 28 (Virgo), September 26 (Libra), October 24 (Libra / Scorpio), November 22 (Scorpio), and December 20 (Sagittarius;

FAMOUS JACK  of Hearts: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hilary Swank, Serena Williams, Henry Ford, Emily Browne, George Gershwin, Buddy Guy, Jack Black, Shania Twain, Leo Tolstoy, T.S.Elliot,  Kevin Kline, Scarlet Johansson, Olivia Newton-John, Mariel Hemingway, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rodney Danger field, Uri Teller, Harvey Firestone; Source: Robert Camp's Love Cards 

jack of hearts The Jack of Hearts is placed at the very center of all the spreads, the lines of which from a cross. This is why it's called the "Christ Card". Up until age 18, there are many sacrifices demanded of Jacks of Heart. Sacrifices in love, health, education, or in their own personal, cherished objectives. The hardest lesson for all Jack of Hearts is impersonality, and there is a tendency to develop some kind of martyr complex early in their youth. Jack of Hearts are essentially teachers. Their power is found within the Law of Love and their commission is to preach its gospel. To do this effectively, they must live it, and the path they have to follow is definitely not made for easy going! There are the negatives among these birth dates; escapists who contribute nothing except the problem of themselves - but as a rule, the Jacks of Hearts are kind, friendly and cooperative. They never bare grudges, and they will never leave you worse off than when they found you! http://www.metasymbology.com/ 


LIBRA-SCORPIO CUSP - The Cusp of DRAMA and CRITICISM, October 19-25: Big personalities, those born on the Libra-Scorpio cusp may prove too much for anyone to handle. Their influence can not only dominate their immediate circle but go far beyond it; that influence is surely personal,for these charismatic individuals, but also often intellectual, since their ideas are well thought out and highly developed. Libra-Scorpios usually have something to say on almost any subject. Their penchant for preaching from the pulpit makes them well suited to be teachers, whether professionally or informally, and their students usually come to depend heavily on them for guidance.

LIBRA-SCORPIO CUSP: Those born on the cusp meld the airy (mental) nature of Libra and the watery (emotional) characteristics of Scorpio - not always an easy task. These two aspects of their personality are often at war, with the head guiding and the heart denying, or vice-versa. Libra-Scorpios can get into a real mess with themselves when their intellectual and emotional natures clash. Periods of Libra indecision may be broken by outbursts of Scorpio aggression, and self-assured Scorpio determination and control may be undermined by Libra procrastination and love of repose. The tensions and disappointments of life can at times prove too much for them, such that they retreat into isolation. Thus Libra-Scorpios benefit from physical exercise, fitness training, sound diets and all activities that promote healthy contact with the world, and relationships and activities that lessen their tendency to isolate themselves from the world, will prove beneficial to them.
LIBRA-SCORPIO CUSP ADVICETry to relax and have fun. Learn to be less picky. Do not cut yourself off from unusual experiences but maintain your poise and balance. Continue to battle with life and resist escapism or the throes of self-pity. Leave the past behind and embrace the future. Cynicism and sarcasm are poison to you.

LIBRA-SCORPIO CUSP NOTABLE: Annette  Funicello was an American actress and singer. Funicello began her professional career as a child performer at the age of twelve. She rose to prominence as one of the most popular "Mouseketeers" on the original Mickey Mouse Club. October 22, 1942, Utica, NY. 


LIBRA-SCORPIO CUSP NOTABLES: Sarah Bernhardt, Evander Holyfield, Pablo  Picasso, Annette Funicello, Pele, Johnny Carson, Mickey Mantle, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bobby Seale, Dizzy Gillespie. Source: The Secret Language of Relationships Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers.

Astro-Psychometric Quadrants
July 30  (Leo),  August 28   (Virgo), September 26  (Libra),  October 24   (Libra)  &  (Scorpio),  November 22  &  (Scorpio), and December 20  (Sagittarius)


                 Self                                        Ego  (Libra)                             Ego 1 (Scorpio)                       Ego 2 (Scorpio)


October TWENTY-FOURTH the Day of SENSATIONAL DETAIL: is made Sensational by their Ego, the NINE  of Spades, who thinks this is their last chance at life on earth. When October 24 people lean more to the Scorpio side of the LIBRA-SCORPIO CUSP - The Cusp of DRAMA and CRITICISM, their twin Ego's the TWO  of Hearts and the TWO  of Diamonds place more effort on Criticism, thinking they are the guardian of Values (mind, body & spirit).

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