The September 1st BLESSED Card

The Jack of Clubs Club

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  “If I had followed my better judgment always, my life would have been a very dull one.” - Edgar Rice Burroughs


Dr. Phil McGraw

September 1st  BIRTHDAYS: Rocky Marciano, Ann Richards, Walter Reuther, Conway Twitty, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Dr. Phil McGraw, Mohamed Atta, Seiji Ozawa, Lily Tomlin, Alan Dershowitz, Sunny von Bulow, Melvin Laird, Lloyd M. Butcher, Don Wilson, Yvonne De Carlo



 Values - Security – Dharma 



 Material Control

TEN  of Diamonds: The BLESSED Card: This card sits in the very center of the Grand Solar Spread of cards, protected on all sides by Jupiter's blessings. It is THE card of material opulence. With so many blessings, you might expect them to be generous souls, but that is not always the case. Many of them simply direct these blessings to the acquisition of more money and some of them even become ruthless in this regard.


EQ: "Emotional Intelligence"


Others, however, pay heed to their Queen of Clubs Karma Card, the Mother Mary card, and devote their talents and resources to helping the world. In this way they use their natural intuition and fulfill a desire for devotion and service. With their creativity and intelligence, they are always successful in whatever they undertake. Usually this power is directed towards business and gain. Many of them inherit or marry into wealth. If they develop their spiritual awareness, their later years will be filled with expansion of their mind and soul instead of doubt and indecision.



Karma: Expediency in Associations

Your Karma Cards are the: queen of clubs QUEEN of Clubs - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. queen of spades QUEEN of Spades This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.



 Conway Twitty

TEN  of Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 17 (Capricorn), February 15 (Aquarius), March 13 (Pisces), April 11 (Aries), May 9 (Taurus), June 7 (Gemini),July 5 (Cancer,) August 3 (Leo), September 1 (Virgo);



Lily Tomlin

FAMOUS TEN  of Diamonds: Kid Rock, Jim Carrey, Chris Farley, Lily Tomlin, Ron Hubbard, Billy Joel, Mike Wallace, Anna Kournikova, Prince, Liam Neeson, Al Capone, Huey Lewis, P.T. Barnum, Martha Stewart, Gloria Estefan, Conway Twitty, J.D. Fortune, Muhammad Ali.  


TEN  of Diamonds (Pentacles) in Tarot


  ten of diamonds The TEN of Diamonds is the most important of the money Cards, and not surprisingly, placed in the exact center of the Life Spread of Cards. Man chose to make money the pivotal point around which all life revolves, and the 10 of Diamonds is the most powerful of the money cards to symbolize its success. The majority of 10's of Diamond make excellent merchants, and marketing execs, and will almost always succeed - one way or another - where money is concerned.


 Seiji Ozawa

The 10 of Diamonds like to stand well in the world, and want their surroundings to give evidence of prosperity. The positive 10 of Diamonds have a strong sense of universal obligation, and enjoy shining their spotlight of success on those less fortunate. While the negative 10 of Diamonds are able to amass their fortunes with equal brilliance, they are ruthless, and known to be self-centered.


VIRGO August 23 - September 22


VIRGO  Alan Dershowitz



  Ann Richards



     Experiential Learning Cycle


Yvonne De Carlo



Open Loop Limbic System



 Sunny von Bulow




TEN  of Diamonds: Center of the Astrological Universe



  Self "Material Control"



           Ego "Power in Work"

What all TEN  of Diamonds "The Blessed Card" have in common. They have nailed down three fourths of the 'Open Loop Limbic System' anchoring the Upper Right Brain quadrant with their Birth card, their Who They Are card, the 10  of Diamonds; then zoned out the entire Left Brain with a -karma QUEEN  of Clubs "The Mother of Intuition" and a + karma Queen  of Spades "The Card of Self Mastery." Queens are not Kings, not preachy, not domineering, but with all the soft power of a King. They all live under the Karmic umbrella of - Expediency in Associations, cautioning them to go easy on all that power or there will be consequences.


Mohamed Atta


The September FIRST  noticed that they possessed the QUEEN  of Spades "The Card of Self-Mastery," in their hand and combined that with their Ego the EIGHT  of Spades "The Power in Work Card," to just do it. There isn't a lazy bones on the list of those born on September 1.


Rocky Marciano




 TEN  of Diamonds (Pentacles) Connections


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