The September 4th MILLIONAIRE'S Card

The Jack of Clubs Club

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 "I never killed a guy that didn't deserve it" - Mickey Cohen



Kenzo Tange

September 4th  BIRTHDAYS: Dick York, Daniel H. Burnham, Kenzo Tange, Henry Ford II, Beyoncé Knowles, Anthony Weiner, Mitzi Gaynor, Mickey Cohen, Tom Watson, Anthony J. CelebreezePaul Harvey, Craig Claiborne


Values - Security – Dharma 


  Conflict between Spirit and Matter


 Dick York 


SEVEN of  Diamonds: The MILLIONAIRE'S Card  By suit, the Seven of Diamonds is always connected with finances. As a spiritual number, they must maintain a non-attached attitude about money or there will be continuous problems in this area. Once they put money in its proper place however, they often attain or inherit great wealth. Regardless, many of their life lessons will come through this avenue.

EQ: "Emotional Intelligence"


The other avenue is their close relationships. Family, lovers and friends are all very important to the Seven of Diamonds person. They have close ties, for better or worse, with their family and share in their trials. They are usually restless, making frequent changes in either occupation or location. Their love life usually entails sacrifice and disappointment until they learn to let others go and be as they are. In their spiritual studies they find inner satisfaction and validation for their own intuition. Once on the path, everything in their life is put into proper perspective and they can excel in any chosen field.


Karma: Harmonization of Money and Love

Your Karma Cards are the:  Nine of Hearts - This card is your cosmic twin and the one with whom you share the strongest karmic link.
  Ace of ClubsImage result for Two of Hearts Two of Hearts, king of spades King of Spades, Image result for jack of hearts Jack of Heartseight of clubs Eight of Clubs - You are also connected to these cards and will often find one or more of them in your life. You all share a somewhat 'fixed' nature.




Mitzi Gaynor 

SEVEN of  Diamonds BIRTHDAYS: January 20 (Capricorn/Aquarius), February 18 (Aquarius/Pisces), March 16 (Pisces), April 14 (Aries), May 12 (Taurus), June 10 (Gemini), July 8 (Cancer), August 6 (Leo), September 4 (Virgo), October 2 (Libra);


 George Carlin

FAMOUS SEVEN of  Diamonds: George Carlin was an American comedian, actor, author and social critic. Carlin was noted for his black comedy and thoughts on politics, the English language, psychology, religion, and various taboo subjects. May 12, 1937, Manhattan, NYC, NY.




FAMOUS SEVEN of  Diamonds: George Carlin, Matt Dillon, John Travolta, Jerry Lewis, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Stephen Baldwin, Beyoncé Knowles, Mary Kay Ash, James Madison, Kevin Bacon, John D. Rockefeller, Andy Warhol, Lucille Ball, Jon Benet Ramsey, Sting


SEVEN  of Diamonds (Pentacles) in Tarot


Anthony J. Celebreeze 

 seven of diamondsThe 7 of Diamonds is a card necessarily associated with money - for good or ill, little or much. It is a card of power and accomplishment. And for those who have not acquired a sense of value, it is known as the Card of "Wine, Women and Song" The lives of Seven of Diamonds people seem to follow cycles of 5 or 7 years; changes are often violent, always sudden. There is a great love of home for all 7 of Diamonds, but they may have to wait for it, as their early life is filled with many changes.



 Daniel H. Burnham


The Seven of Diamonds is one of the "swing cards", exchanging places with the 9 of Hearts every other year. This symbolizes a challenge in balancing love with money. When their love life is running smoothly, the need for earning money becomes the priority - and when there is wealth, the stability of their home life tends to suffer!


VIRGO August 23 - September 22


VIRGO Anthony Weiner



Experiential Learning Cycle


 Paul Harvey


Open Loop Limbic System



 Self "Conflict between Spirit and Matter"



  Ego "Labor of Love"


The September 4th SEVEN  of Diamonds "Millionaire's Card" has a bi-polar marriage to their Cosmic Twin the NINE  of Hearts "Giver of Love" so much so that they exchange roles every other year. This is the chief reason for their Karma - Harmonization of Money and Love. The SEVEN  of Diamonds is fixed, like the Sun with five karma cards orbiting around her, neither positive or negative. This is their sphere of influence, a coterie of hidden talents that they can draw on in any situation in which they are involved. 



Mickey Cohen

The September FOURTH  chose the FIVE  of Spades "The Wanderer," as their Ego, their Who They Think They Are mask of identity. Since, Spades are the suit of action and doing things, September 4 people get into all kinds of unique situations that sometimes put a dent in their Lucky Seven  of Diamonds lifestyle.


Anthony Weiner




SEVEN  of Diamonds (Pentacles) Connections


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