Talent Stacking

Talent Stacking

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Finding Dharma (Life Purpose) with 'Talent Stacks' and Astro-Psychometric Self Awareness.  Deepak Chopra, in the 90's, suggested picking three talents plus three ways you enjoy doing each of them.

Scott Adams, the Mr. Dilbert cartoonist, touts his:

  • Poor Art Skills
  • So so Business Skills
  • Good but not great Writing
  • Early Knowledge of the Internet
  • Good Sense of Humor


 Scott Adams June 8 Astro-Psychometric Talent Stack

The June 8th Talent Stack


Scott Raymond Adams June 8, 1957 



 Values - Security – Dharma 

 Generosity or Selfishness 

KARMA: Faith in the Golden Calf 


NINE of  Diamonds: The Card of UNIVERSAL VALUES and The GIVER'S Card:  Nine of Diamonds people are here to let go and complete a major chapter in their evolution. This entails a lot of giving to others. If they have not heeded the call to give and let go of others, money, relationships, and love, their life can be filled with disappointment and remorse. Those on the positive side are philanthropic and generous, happy and productive. 

June 8th  BIRTHDAYS: Joan Rivers, Barbara Bush, Nancy Sinatra, Frank Lloyd Wright, Lt. William Calley, Scott Adams, Gabby Giffords. John Everett Millais, Leroy Neiman, Kanye West.

Open Loop Limbic System

"Emotional Intelligence"

Scott and the June 8th NINE  of Diamonds personages have all their cards: Self, Ego, +Karma (Apparent Talent) and -Karma (Hidden Talent) above the line in the Perceptive & Concrete Experience Quadrants where taking action is obligatory.

DISC Psychometric Quadrants   


Spades put you in the Dominant Quad on the DISC and when corporations are looking for managers/leaders they want 'D' people.


 Diamonds are for the Inspiring Quad on the DISC a sure fire candidate for Sales and Marketing.



 +Karma: The SALESPERSON Card



Scott Adams is a born Super-salesman in a Philanthropic way. This talent stack comes from his true Self (Who We Truly are) - the NINE of Diamonds, however our Ego (Who We Think We Are) also brings more talents, in the 8 June birthday the Ego Card is the SEVEN of Spades.



Ego: Who We Think We Are

   Ego:  The Card of FAITH

Until we reach Mid-Life transition 45 to 55 our Ego, our Who We Think We Are Card, pretty much calls the shots. Therefore we inherently rely on the Karmic Talents that occupy our consciousness. At age 52 life calls us to rethink and hopefully leads us to examine our Self, our Soul, Who We Truly Are.


The June 8 Karma Cards are the: king of diamondsKING of Diamonds - You owe something to this person and they reflect you in some way. EIGHT  of Hearts - This person owes you and you are their mirror in some way.


   -Karma:  The BUSINESS OWNER Card

This is where Scott gets all his business acumen and entrepreneurial talents.



  +Karma: The EMOTIONAL POWER and CHARM Card

Then to pile Scott Adams and the June 8th personality with all the persuasion talent anyone needs, the luck of their mother's delivery date, gifts them with the most powerful Heart Card.


 Hearts in DISC Psychometric terminology gets the Supportive label and companies send you off to Customer Service duty. In the Scott Adams June 8 example the EIGHT of Hearts is the only card below the line



 Check out the Cards in the hand you were dealt at birth. They are your true Talents and for the most part hidden under outside Psychological testing and classroom Subjective Assessment. How we play our Cards depends on our circumstances.

2016 had two old guys, Trump and Bernie, each with an identical Talent Stack of Cards. Bernie has spent his entire career in politics, while Trump has made making a name for himself, his life's work.

Skill sets are developed over time. Talent Stacks are drawn in the delivery room.